Antivirus software server 2008 price

antivirus software server 2008

The answer is Yes, there are 6 free antivirus for commercial use, and AVG or Avira are not one of them. Here are 6 free antivirus for commercial use, unfortunately, Norton is not one of them. The biggest and possibly the most reliable is Microsoft Security Essential. These 6 free antivirus works on Windows XP, 7 and 8. You are advised to keep the license agreement in your office.

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Advanced server protection Next-generation protection against the latest malware Based on Kaspersky's unique HuMachine framework, Kaspersky Security for Windows Server's multi-layered threat protection system detects all types of malware, including advanced, sophisticated and emerging threats. Despite its power, it has minimal impact on server performance and provides different optimization capabilities depending on server role for example, by configuring application priority or excluding business-critical trusted processes from scanning. Cloud-assisted server protection Kaspersky Security Network KSN delivers a faster-than-ever response to new threats, improving the performance of protection components and minimizing the risk of false positives. Exploit prevention Kaspersky Security for Windows Server comprises a powerful Exploit Prevention mechanism that protects process memory from exploits. It watches over protected processes and prevents attempts to exploit unpatched or even zero-day vulnerabilities in system components and applications. System hardening The most reliable resilience against data breaches is attained by implementing the Default Deny scenario using Application Launch Control. By prohibiting the use of any application other than trusted system components and specified programs or services, most malware types are automatically blocked from starting. Together with Device Control running in Default Deny mode ruling out the use of any unsolicited storage, these components considerably reduce the attack surface and boost the security of the server protected by Kaspersky. System integrity Making sure critical system components and processes as well as mission-critical applications remain intact is as important for the server's smooth functioning as for the security of the sensitive data processed on it.


How To Install Free Antivirus On Windows Server 2012 Server 2008

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