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Once you have a motion track in place, you can fine tune it manually, name it, and save it. So how do you use the track?

The easiest way is to apply a mosaic overlay by clicking a button right in the Motion Tracking dialog; this is good for those body parts or license plates. For more sophisticated overlays, look to the Match Motion tool. This lets you add not only text or objects that will follow your motion track, but even another video clip!

A simple right click choice from the text or object gets you there, and lets you position it relative to the track. What impresses me is that Corel didn't just toss in a rudimentary motion tracking tool in this first introduction of the feature, but rather a sophisticated one with deep customisation.

You can even have multiple motion tracks with different overlays following them. Variable speed with key frames. With a clip selected and the Options panel showing, a new choice is Variable Speed. This displays a two panel window in which you mark key frames to indicate where you want speedups or slowdowns.

But note that these speed changes remove the clip's audio. There's no simple freeze-frame effect, though, but you can have a clip but not a selected part of a clip play in reverse. Even more stop-motion. VideoStudio was the first major consumer video editor to offer a built-in stop-motion tool, and with X6 this gets even better. The really nifty thing added is the ability to actually control a DSLR from within the software, for hands-off-camera stop-motion shooting.

In my testing I found it was actually a little difficult to get the desired results with autofocus using this remote control, but manual focus is also available. These unmatched tools let you create really high quality stop-motion movies. Sure, there aren't many video cameras that record at this resolution — the most popular is the GoPro Hero3 Black, the next one up in price is a four grand model from JVC.

Performance of both preview and program actions slows down considerably, though, when you're editing 4K footage — not surprising, given the very large file sizes. You can also output to 4K with this program. Captions with voice detection. VideoStudio X6's new Subtitle Editor can detect where speech occurs in your video, and prompt you to enter subtitle text. You can also manually mark in and out points where the subtitles should appear, or add a time offset for them.

The editor shows waveform to help you know where to add the subtitles. Maybe even cooler is its ability to ingest a subtitle text file and add the subtitles automatically. However, the program doesn't tell you how to create one of these in either UTF or SRT file format , and it doesn't automatically match captions to audio using speech recognition and accept plain text files, the way YouTube's editor does.

HTML5 support. Still the only major consumer video software with this capability, VideoStudio X5 actually added HTML5 web code creation for your movies. X6 lets you add interactive controls to a web page display of your video so that a viewer using an HTML5-capable web browser can click on linkable overlaid graphics and DVD-like chapters.

There are five templates for HTML5 projects four of which require downloading , if you don't want to start from scratch. Once you output to an HTML file, you can tweak the page with your own web editing tools.

Interface The interface of VideoStudio is modal — three main modes govern all your actions: Capture, Edit, and Share. I like this interface design because it guides you through the workflow process of adding, editing, and outputting your digital movie. The modes are accessible from prominent buttons that are always visible at the top of screen.

VideoStudio X6's pleasing dark grey interface uses the familiar three pane view with content and effects and video preview sharing the top half of the window, and the timeline taking the whole bottom portion of the screen. VideoStudio Pro X6 lets you move these panels around wherever you want, though, and you can even pull them out to separate windows of their own. Unlike previous versions of the program, you can now resize its window — previously it only ran in full screen. The editor now lets you add up to 20 overlay video tracks in addition to your main video track, along with two title tracks, a voice track, and three music tracks.

Sure, that's less than CyberLink and Adobe's tracks, but I can't really see a consumer video production and even most pro ones needing more. The timeline can be zoomed in and out using the mouse wheel, which works well. It also displays frame time codes for fine-grain control. You can also switch the timeline to a Storyboard view, which lets you drag transitions between clips but otherwise offers little benefit. Importing and organisation The Capture mode, which you enter by clicking the large Capture button at the top, lets you record from a connected camera, scan a DV source, import from digital media, or a mobile device.

The process of simply trying to get a video on disk into VideoStudio was not quite as simple as with CyberLink PowerDirector. But there's a nifty workaround for this: You can simply drag a clip from a Windows folder directly onto the timeline! See the new features section above for a discussion of the now even cooler Stop Motion importer tool. Getting media into VideoStudio is simple, but once it's there, the app offers no tagging or search capability as you get with Premiere Elements, let alone the latter's face detection or analysis for shakiness and exposure problems.

This can make finding a clip troublesome at times, as can the interface's lack of a search box, whether you're looking at clips or effects. You can, however, sort source content by name, type, or date. And I did like how buttons make it easy to view just video clips, just photos, just music, or any combination of those you like.

Instant movie making Corel's Instant Project feature is different to the "magic movie maker" features in most consumer video editors. It's more of a template tool with some prefab effects for you to manually build out with your own content. You can insert an Instant Project template either before or after whatever's in your timeline, but it's up to you to populate the template with content manually.

From the timeline, you can split all tracks at once if you need to insert media or move a section. Add an unlimited number of photos in a wide variety of formats. Combine photos with video and add music, effects, transitions, custom graphics, and more! With new support for DSLR cameras, now your stop motion projects can be captured in near-cinema quality using all the looks and lens effects DSLR cameras have to offer.

Use amazing stop motion tools, all for hundreds of dollars less than leading stop motion software. Drop frames, add effects and titles, speed up or slow down footage, and much more. Time-lapse photography and Variable Speed controls offer the perfect way add a whole new dimension to all your video and photo projects. Bring your vision to life with the ability to layer your clips, animate objects and insert impactful visual effects. Now you can create animations and video effects in other popular 2D and 3D animation packages and then use them in VideoStudio Pro X6.

With powerful web video production tools and the ability to share to leading video sites built directly into the interface, creating the perfect online video is a snap. Share anywhere with the ability to create videos for the web, desktop, Blu-ray, DVD and mobile devices! Get industry-leading stability and performance.

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