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Ca erwin process modeler r7 3 discount

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Ca erwin process modeler r7 3 discount

Many light transport related techniques require an analysis of the blur width of light scattering at a path vertex, for instance a Beckmann roughness. Such use cases are for instance analysis of expected variance (and potential biased countermeasures in production rendering), radiance caching or directionally dependent virtual point light sources, or determination of step sizes in the path space Metropolis light transport framework: recent advanced mutation strategies for Metropolis Light Transport, such as Manifold Exploration and Half Vector Space Light Transport employ local curvature of the BSDFs (such as an average Beckmann roughness) at all interactions along the path in order to determine an optimal mutation step size.

A single average Beckmann roughness, however, can be a bad fit for complex measured materials (such as MERL library) and, moreover, such curvature is completely undefined for layered materials as it depends on the active scattering layer.

We propose a robust estimation of local curvature for BSDFs of any complexity by using local Beckmann approximations, taking into account additional factors such as both incident and outgoing direction. Anton Kaplanyan is a research scientist at NVIDIA specializing on light transport and shading, including artistic illumination editing, light transport in half-vector space, and specular antialiasing.

Anton had been working at Crytek on CryENGINE 3 and a AAA game Crysis 2 as lead researcher, including the development of Light Propagation Volumes.


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