Price of Discount price microsoft visual studio premium 2012

Discount price microsoft visual studio premium 2012

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Michael Otey Oct 18, Microsoft has changed the product lineup with the release of Visual Studio The entry point of the product family is now Visual Studio Professional and the top of the product family is Visual Studio Ultimate Visual Studio Professional As the starting point of the product lineup, Visual Studio Professional provides all the basic development and debugging capabilities that you would expect from Visual Studio, including the ability to create Windows 8 applications. Notably, this is the only edition that doesn't include a subscription to MSDN. It also includes two support calls. It also enables test case management and lab management. To help with debugging, the Premium edition supports code review as well as task suspend and resume when used with TFS.

Discount price microsoft visual studio premium 2012 cost

NET Framework 4 Subject to the license terms for the software, the following. EXE files may be redistributed unmodified: You can obtain copies of those files from http: Please note that the Language Packs listed below are not included with the software. However, you may redistribute, unmodified, the individual language pack versions of the following files: You may obtain copies of those files from http: Language Packs are available for the following listed here with their associated identifier code: Please read them.

They apply to the software named above, which includes the media on which you received it, if any. If so, those terms apply.

If you cannot obtain a refund there, contact Microsoft or the Microsoft affiliate serving your country for information about Microsoft's refund policies. See www. If the software is a trial edition, then this Section applies to you. You may install and use any number of copies of the trial software on your devices. You may only use the trial software for internal evaluation purposes. For example, your trial rights do not include the right to deploy or distribute any programs you design or develop with the software for use in a production environment, except that you may deploy your programs internally solely to evaluate the software.

You may convert your trial rights at any time to the full rights described in the rest of these license terms by purchasing a commercial license and obtaining a product key from Microsoft or one of its distributors. Your rights to use the trial software are limited to ninety 90 days.

The trial software will present conversion options to you thirty 30 days after you install the trial software.

At that time you may either request an additional day trial period extension or purchase a commercial license to continue using the software. After the expiration of the day trial period, without conversion, the trial software will stop running. The remaining sections below apply. Microsoft gives no express warranties, guarantees or conditions. You may have additional consumer rights under your local laws which this agreement cannot change. To the extent permitted under your local laws, Microsoft excludes the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and non-infringement.

You can recover from Microsoft and its suppliers only direct damages up to U. You cannot recover any other damages, including consequential, lost profits, special, indirect or incidental damages.

It also applies even if Microsoft knew or should have known about the possibility of the damages. The above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you because your country may not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental, consequential or other damages. When you acquire the retail license of the software named above, all of the license terms below apply.

The software includes development tools, software programs and documentation. License Model. The software is licensed on a per user basis. One user may install and use copies of the software to design, develop, test and demonstrate your programs. You may not use the software on a server in a production environment. Included Microsoft Programs. The software contains other Microsoft programs. These license terms apply to your use of those programs, except for those Microsoft programs identified in Sections 6, 7 and 8 which are governed by their own license terms.

Third Party Programs. The software contains third party programs. If other terms come with those third party programs, those terms determine your rights to use it and any other related rights or remedies you have.

Product Keys. The software requires a key to install or access it. You are responsible for the use of keys assigned to you. You should not share the keys with third parties. User Testing. Your end users may access the software to perform acceptance tests on your programs. Microsoft Office User Interface. These license terms grant you no rights to make, copy, use or distribute any elements of the Microsoft Office user interface such as the ribbon and quick access toolbar, the license terms for which are available separately.

To learn more about the Office user interface licensing program, please visit http: The software contains certain components that are identified in the Utilities List located at http: Depending on the specific edition of the software, the number of Utility files you receive with the software may not be equal to the number of Utilities listed in the Utilities List. You may copy and install the Utilities you receive with the software on to other machines, and these Utilities may only be used to debug and deploy your programs and databases you have developed with the software.

You must delete all the Utilities installed onto a machine within the earlier of i when you have finished debugging or deploying your programs; or ii thirty 30 days after installation of the Utilities onto that machine. TXT File. TXT file you may install copies of the files listed in it, onto your build machines, solely for the purpose of compiling and building your programs.

We may list additional files at http: Distributable Code. The software contains code that you are permitted to distribute or deploy in programs you develop if you comply with the terms below. Right to Use and Distribute. TXT Files. You may copy and distribute the unmodified output of Microsoft Merge Modules.

You may copy and distribute images and animations in the Image Library as described in the software documentation. You may also modify that content. If you modify the content, it must be for use that is consistent with the permitted use of the unmodified content. You may permit distributors of your programs to copy and distribute the Distributable Code as part of those programs. Distribution Requirements.

Distribution Restrictions. Microsoft provides Internet-based services with the software. It may change or cancel them at any time. Consent for Internet-Based Services. The software features described below connect to Microsoft or service provider computer systems over the Internet.

In some cases, you will not receive a separate notice when they connect. Microsoft does not use the information to identify or contact you. Computer Information. The following features use Internet protocols, which send to the appropriate systems computer information, such as your Internet protocol address, the type of operating system, browser and name and version of the software you are using, and the language code of the device where you installed the software.

Microsoft uses this information to make the Internet-based services available to you. Features in the software can retrieve related content from Microsoft and provide it to you. To provide the content, these features send to Microsoft the type of operating system, name and version of the software you are using, type of browser and language code of the device where you installed the software.

Examples of these features are clip art, templates, online training, online assistance and Appshelp. You may choose not to use these web content features. The Extension Manager can retrieve other software through the internet from the Visual Studio Gallery website. To provide this other software, the Extension Manager sends to Microsoft the name and version of the software you are using and language code of the device where you installed the software.

This other software is provided by third parties to Visual Studio Gallery. It is licensed to users under terms provided by the third parties, not from Microsoft. Read the Visual Studio Gallery terms of use for more information. This software start page contains updated content that is supplied by means of an RSS feed online from Microsoft.

Misuse of Internet-based Services. You may not use these services in any way that could harm them or impair anyone else's use of them. You may not use the services to try to gain unauthorized access to any service, data, account or network by any means.

Microsoft provides Internet-based services with Silverlight. Automatic Updates. Silverlight contains an Automatic Update feature that is on by default. For more information about this feature, including instructions for to turning it off, see http: In some cases, you will not receive a separate notice before this feature takes effect.

By installing the software, you consent to the transmission of standard computer information and the automatic downloading and installation of Updates. Microsoft Digital Rights Management. If you use Silverlight to access content that has been protected with Microsoft Digital Rights Management DRM , in order to let you play the content, the software may automatically request media usage rights from a rights server on the Internet and download and install available DRM Updates.

For more information, see http:

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