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Arrange and trim video clips Microsoft Photos will put together a simple movie automatically, complete with background music.

You can preview it using the player at the top right. To rearrange the media files, just drag and drop them to a new position in the Storyboard at the bottom. Type your text into the box at the top right and it will appear in the preview window, automatically resized to fit the space. If the video clip is at least two seconds long, the text will be animated when it appears. Select a frame from the Storyboard, then click the icon and choose a style. Editing in the Photos app is non-destructive, so you can go back change effects later if you change your mind.

Each theme will add different music to your video, with appropriately styled titles. The app will automatically adjust how long photos are shown to sync with the music. There are also Instagram-style filters to add a touch of style to your video.

These are fun particle effects that you can use to draw attention to something in your video. Move the green slider under the preview window to choose when the effect should appear, and use the arrows to adjust its angle and direction.

The promotional video suggests yes, in every conceivable way. Window Movie Maker was a great, user-friendly product for those unfamiliar with video editing software to create basic, but decent, home movies. It was not a sophisticated piece of software. What it did, however, it did well. While Story Remix might look a little more daunting, Microsoft is evidently seeking to keep the user-friendly aspect behind it.

Where can I download it? Sorry to be a tease. It is expected to be released as part of the fall update to the Windows 10 Creation Suite. Although details of the fall release are still pending confirmation, it would look to be an update which builds on the so fall excellent features of the Spring Update. Creators Update , editor , Windows 10 Support eTeknix.

Download Story Remix

May 22, - 3 comments Windows Story Remix is a new feature of the upcoming Windows 10 Fall Creators Update feature update that will be out later this year. Microsoft revealed the feature during the Build developer conference, and has pushed it out to Windows 10 Insider PCs on the Fast Ring already. In short: Windows Story Remix lets you create stories from videos or photos using automatic mixes, music, and options to customize the output. Microsoft integrated it in the Photos application.

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