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Eplan electric p8

Consoles, handhelds, PC, mobile platforms, social networks. That's the lot, surely, unless you're going to start delving into oddities like interactive TV platforms - which might be important someday but certainly don't have much relevance to the market right now.

Yet there is actually a massive platform missing from that line-up - the "other" Apple platform, Mac OS X. With the exception of a handful of stand-out developers, perhaps most notably Blizzard, PC game developers have traditionally ignored Apple's computers in creating their games.

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The Mitsubishi Adroit Process Suite MAPS is a lifecycle software solution with which users can create projects in order to generate control codes, SCADA templates, tags and documents for parts of a system such as valves, pumps and conveyor belts, for example. Integration Being able to integrate Eplan Electric P8 data directly now makes the task of creating these MAPS projects significantly easier so that MAPS can guarantee value growth along the entire value chain, starting with the electrical design process. Integration enables system components to be connected and commissioned in accordance with documentation, without having to write a line of code for the control system, design a single faceplate or generate a tag in the process. System components can be controlled and operated right away, enabling development costs to be reduced by up to 50 percent and commissioning to be carried out much sooner. If necessary, control codes, graphical displays in the SCADA project, tags and documentation can be updated automatically at the push of a button, thus ensuring consistency between documentation and the actual state of the system throughout its lifecycle.


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