Sony movie studio platinum 13 good price price

Sony movie studio platinum 13 good price

Action happens all around us and the best we can do at times is capture it. Harness the fun, the energy, the love so we can share it with others. Smart phonesSubcategory: Video Publishing & Sharing. Jan 13,  · Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 12 is a Windows app for editing all types of videos, whether shot on your phone or a high-quality camcorder. Sony Movie Studio 13 Platinum (32 bit) The good Subcategory: Video Editing Software. Jan 28,  · There are three different versions/packages of the new Movie Studio 13 software and in this review I will be focussing on Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13, which is the the heart of the new range. In a separate article here, I will also be reviewing Sony Movie Studio Suite 13 which is a "hamburger with the lot" package and offers the most.

Loads of effects and transitions, with plug-in capability. Smooth preview for Picture in Picture. Customizable interface. Cons Slow rendering performance. Below the surface, interface can be challenging for non-professionals. No motion tracking.

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Video features[ edit ] Unlike its professional counterpart, Movie Studio can only edit with ten video tracks and ten audio tracks [3] originally it was set with two video tracks, a title overlay track and three audio tracks. It can edit in multiple as well as standard 4: It also does not have the same advanced compositing tools as Vegas does, and does not have project nesting or masking. The Platinum Edition of Movie Studio has powerful color correction tools similar to the version on Vegas Pro, including a three-wheel color corrector. Like Vegas Pro, the Movie Studio versions can also perform DV batch capture, a feature usually found only in high-end video editors. However, it cannot capture analog video without the use of a FireWire video converter.


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