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Zonealarm extreme security 2010 great deals

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Zone Alarm Extreme Security review: Zone Alarm Extreme Security - CNET

But it did a poor job in our tests for detecting brand-new malware threats. The ZoneAlarm interface has a clean look that is one of the best among the suites we looked at. It's generally easy to make configuration changes, though one thing we would have liked to have is the ability to turn off only JavaScript or ActiveX within the ForceField tool, which monitors for browser-based malware. One feature, virtualization, emulates parts of the operating system so that an attacker using a browser might think they are successfully attacking your system, when in fact they are not and, like a sandbox, runs the code in isolation from the rest of your PC. This helps protect your PC's operating system from attack, and it's a feature we expect to become more common in the future.

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